Monday, June 7, 2010

she decided to leave

She decided to leave...
After a month of fighting,crying and begging
She started to stay calm and think properly
She hold her handphone and dialled his number
He still seems like avoiding her after heard her voice that he didn't heard of for ages
She insist to talk,because she can't stand the mess between them anymore
She wants to make things clear

She felt so much relieve that at least he started to listen to her
Listen what's in her mind,what she feels and what she wanted to do
She decided to take one step backward in the relationship
She wants to make him as a friend,not a person she hate
Because he mean so much for her

She believe that this is the best solution for both of them
So that he can do whatever he wanted to without feeling any burden and sorry to her
Besides,she wants to move on
She doesn't want to keep struggling in the mess of their relationship
She has so much goals to achieve in her life
She is just so proud of her for being strong and rational
Anyway,she feel grateful for a person who dragged her back on track when she lost

She still cares for him...