Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scent of Tulips

I have this special feeling toward tulip flowers when i first learnt this species of flower. It gives people some kind of mysteries feeling and curiosity as it won't bloom widely as other species of flowers,people can't easily see clearly what is inside the tulips even during the maturity period. That's why i love them as they seem very similar with my characteristics. Unfortunately,i can hardly see any of them in asian countries,i think only quite low number florists sell tulips in the market as the carrying costs is higher and the flowers can't last longer in tropica countries. That is why i wish i could travel to Holland,a place where millions and millions of tulips bloom together during spring.

A purple tulips symbolizes the future can be better and tomorrow brings another new day.Hopes for the future help us go through the rough time so that we can grow and experience more love,peace and joy.It also means dignity,pride and success.

Yellow tulips representing hopeless love,or even cheerful thoughts and sunshine.

White colour tulips symbolize Royalty...

Red tulips associated with true love,declaration of love.

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