Saturday, June 26, 2010

i hope i could be stronger...

I just realise that i wrote a lot recently.And there is only one reason...i can hardly express my feelings and my minds to anyone,im too worry that i might cause the listener feels irritating,so i write it down.These few days,too much bad emotions striking me.Sometimes i feel bad because my blog seems less story-telling about something happy.But at least my writing skill improved...*does this count as good news?
Right now,i really wish the school can start very soon,so that i can bury myself in the busy hell life,means there will be lesser time for me to think much of nonsense.
I just hate the way he treat me,doesn't seems to care...he's over-estimate my ability to cope with every problem,i can't blame him though as everyone think that way.Honestly,I feel secure when im not reveal much of my problem to anyone,i feel secure when others think im strong enough,but not for someone who is very important for me.I never ask much from him,only few words,can definitely comfort me.
However,i always bear in mind that,im not live for others,i shouldn't rely on anyone to move on my life.I have to face all the obstacles by myself,i need to be tough for myself.That's what i learn from all those experiences.

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