Friday, June 25, 2010

empty promises...

If a person broke all the promises he/she gaves you,are you still need to care about the promises between you and him/her?Actually,i keep holding tight my promises that i gave,trying to do my best out of it.But sometimes,disappointment shakes me...There's a sound in my mind keep telling me that don't be an idiot to keep those promises to people who don't cherish you,and we are not live to entertain others.
I wonder why i still care about's not taste good to break the promises though,but why he/she can break it easily?Why they still living in those enjoyable life and moving on?There's a posibility that they don't care of us anymore.Promises means nothing...I feel bad if i have a mind of revenge,its not healthy,and i hate to have that mindset.
Why i still care?I should do whatever i wanted to,like what he/she did,right?Am i right?
But whatever i do,im clear of the limitation and the bottom line.

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