Tuesday, June 22, 2010

cutey boy

It's been few months i didn't visit this cutey boy,a son of my girl friend.The first time to be an aunt is so much excited and odd too,because someone will call me "AUNT" now...haha...I was a bit nervous on the way heading to my friend's house yesterday,as i was worrying that this cutey boy won't recognise me and will even cry after seeing me,because it's been quite long time didn't see him when he was few months old,now he is one year and eight months old.
When i reach her house,i saw cutey boy standing in the middle of the door way,looking strange at me.He was kinda a shy when he saw me,luckily he didn't cry...while her mommy kept asking him "call Yi Yi (aunt)...faster call Yi Yi...",but he didn't call me,he only keep giving those shyness smiles to me.So cute....
After few minutes,he started pick up a ball to play with me,and even talk with me with his baby language,haha...He likes to smile and laugh.I like his look when he laugh and showing off his baby teeths,because that look is making me laugh too...such a playful and cutey boy...
My friend is having a second baby now,hopefully this time is a baby girl... = )

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