Tuesday, June 22, 2010

shocking news...

I was gossipping with my coursemates this afternoon after long time didn't chat during long semester break.Just found out that lots of things happened and changed.
This coursemate date with that coursemate,that coursemate together with this coursemate....while our reactions are "OMG,are u kidding me?How could that be...." "what??you serious?"...we were laughing through the whole conversation.
But there's a devastating news that i heard from them,this time is really shocking me...one of my male coursemate had committed suicide,the reason is remain unclear.When i read from the news,i just found out that he rented a car and drove to jungle area alone,then burning charcoal in the car.I wonder why he chosed to die,such a serious matter.All i could do now is,may him Rest In Peace...R.I.P

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