Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Midnight phobia

When the night is falling
The surrounding started to quiet down
When the time gets closer to 12am
I can hear my heartbeats,louder and louder when each minute passed
Then,feels like there's a minor earthquake in my mind when midnight is closer

Trying to distract myself doing something elses
Make myself busier
So that I can runaway from the feeling I do not like
Although just a little while...

When the time show past 12am
All the memories which buried under the deepest part of my mind
Sweet memories and also the bad one
Burst out to the surface of my mind
Like a volcano,it's beyond my control when it exploded
While the memories are like lava
Keep flowing out
I am losing control...

This midnight phobia is haunting me each night
What I hate most is...
Cleaning up the mess after the explotion
I need to flip through (*recall) every pieces of memory
Good one and bad one
Reorganize them before i put them back
In the deepest part of my mind

As what scientists said
There's no way we can stop the explotion of a volcano
That is why I can do nothing
But need to encounter it
Face it
Each midnight...

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