Monday, May 24, 2010

a story about her......(part3)

She blame him for why he spend time on facebook rather than chat with her.She blame him for contact less with her.She blame him why he didn't reply her message but able to reply others.She blame him for seldom skype with her.
He started to blame her why she is being so controllable on the time spend in play online.He blame her why she is not understanding that he is staying in sharing room,can't chat through skype with her.
After all those blaming games,she feel tired,she feel weak and exhausted.She don't even expect to talk with him through skype,because she just wanted to see his face that she missed,but they can chat through typing messages.What makes her shocked was that,he said to her if they need to chat in that way,why not they just chat through msn.He does not even realise she wanting to see him so much.She felt he was not care of seeing her face.
She believe that love is not enough in keeping two person together,but efforts and commitments do.The more efforts she putting in,the more annoying she was,for him.Therefore,she decided to stop giving him messages,giving him more time to deal with his works.In return,he also doesn't give her any messages.Now,she seems out of ideas if there is any way to fix it.

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  1. Be patient is the only thing i can think of~~ Sooner or later everything will be ok~~
    cheers :)