Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forgiving too soon

She started doubting if she forgiving too soon.
She choose to believe and keep holding her hopes although she's been hurt for numerous times and not giving up.
But now,she is exhausted and tired,because she was using too much energy in recovering her wounds.
She is such an idiot for not giving up unless she's been really really get hurt.
She's giving too much which always leads her to become a victim in a relationship.
She started to hide in bedroom more frequently.
She started to love staying alone.
She started to stop answering her friends' calls,sometimes.
She rather stay at home instead of giving those faking smiles when hang outs.
When she feels like dropping her tears,she will stick to her bed,because that's the only place can comfort her,so that she can use the pillow to cover her noise.
Sometimes,she don't even realise her tears dropped until she felt there's a drop of warm water rolling down her cheek.She hate herself for being uncontrollable to her emotions,she's a loser.
She can give up her dreams of building a stable relationship,but she will never ever give up her ambitions and her life goals.
She learnt that she should be selfish on the next,no more next time,that's what she thought.She has it enough.
She was giving too much chances to the person,now its time to stop herself being too kind.

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