Friday, June 18, 2010

a betrayal of trust

How's the feel of being betrayed by someone?
The mixture of all negative emotions will started master your mind and your heart
Anger,hatred,burning in the heart,breathing fire and brimstone...
Cold,emptiness and loneliness start to crawl up to your body from your feet
You will started asking yourself, "Am i done something wrong?", "Why he/she treated me that way?", "Did he/she really mean to hurt me,or he/she didn't mean to?"...
All kinds of questions keep recalling in your mind,over again and again...
Do you believe that a person who betrayed you once,will betray you twice?
Some say yes,some say no,i think mostly will say it's hard to forecast and it depends
For some people,only an idiot will be betrayed twice or even a number of times
While for some others,you've been betrayed twice for one reason,which is you treat people with all your heart without doubt,and you are kind enough for forgiving and giving people second chance.
If you ask me whether i choose to believe a betrayer for second time
I will say,yes...
Everyone deserve a second chance,with some solid reasons and regrets.
Am i an idiot? I have no idea...i just do something that i won't feel regret in the future

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