Saturday, July 3, 2010

be someone who i respect

Feel a little bit dizzy today,hopes everything will be fine soon as there is a busy weekend ahead waiting for me.And i am really looking forward a busy weekend,it makes me feel energetic and alive.So that i won't have any chances or any moments to worry about something nonsense.
I am kinda person who won't hate one person for long time,because it makes me feel exhausted and miserable.I hope this is consider a good trait of mine.Hating someone really consume a lot of energy and even jeopardise our health...*this is the philosophy that i always believe.
"Action speaks louder than words," i hope whoever i've been forgiven can really appreciate chances that i gave them.Do something to show me what u really meant and stop giving me promises that you can't keep.That's all im asking,shouldn't be hard i suppose...
I respect a person who brave enough to admit his/her mistakes,learn from mistakes,being responsible and try his/her very best to correct what he/she had done wrong,that's what a successful person should do.Please do make me respect you...

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