Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my life of studying

July 2010- December 2010, this will be the last semester i am studying in University Malaya. Next semester will be my internship, which is the final semester for my 3 years course in Business Administration. My life study in UM is not as exciting as i expected when i had been inform by Jo Ann that i managed to enter UM in 2008. In university,i started to become more low profile,unlike the days i was in secondary. Now i started to understand the meaning people tends to pursue more stable life when they grown up.

I am lucky that i gained 2 good friends in UM, they also have quite similar of mindset and perspective with me ~ low profile. We are consider as very rare species of Homo sapien (human being) in UM, because we are surrounding by lots of "kiasu" students. Honestly, i have no idea how we could survive through these years.

However, this semester, i feel stress as the internship matter is approaching me. What irritates me is which company i should go for, from which company i could learn more, which company can provide me more working experiences...

As usual, i go back home very frequently although i am now in the third year of studying. In KL, the only entertainment for me is spending money, which is why i seldom go out. Home is the only place that i can seek for comfort and peace. I don't even need to go out to get entertainment in Malacca, because there are 2 dogs in my house who are my entertainers. At least when i see them, i know i am not facing the world alone, they are always there waving their tails to me. =)

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  1. I also dont know how i went thru these 2 years =P