Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's half past 6pm,dragged myself out from my bed because it's the time to hunt for food although i did not feel any hunger at all,but i am sure my body need something to consume,no way i can let my body become weak, nobody can take care of me but myself...I've been carrying my recycle bag heading down to the shop beside the condo. Mixed rice always is the first choice i choose as my dinner, it's cheaper and faster than fastfood outlets. Then headed to Carrefour to buy some junk food in case i am craving for them when i watch the drama series. Cloud9 chocolate bars, cheezels biskitz and a full cream milk, nothing much to buy, because i've been thinking to ask mom buy more for me when i back to home, haha...such a brilliant idea to save up my money.
Ok...it's done...carrying my not so heavy recycle bag,walked back to my condo. Today was quite a nice weather though, i can feel the wind "kissing" my face...But then suddenly the smell of smoking and the smoke from the cars passing by approached me, eww...
Yea right...dinner with my lappy again...and having those not so tasty dinner. Gosh...miss home dishes.

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