Friday, July 30, 2010

my wrong thoughts

I thought,slowly you started understand me...but you're not
I thought you changed...but you're not
I thought i can share my problem with you...but you seems busy
I thought you care about my life...but you seldom ask about that
I thought things become better...but it's not after some period
I thought i could be stronger...but i still seems like a loser
I thought i don't need anybody...but i'm wrong,still i choose to be alone
The psychology test was right,i look calm from my appearance,but internally i'm sucks
Hopefully after this hard path,my body and even my mind will mutate,nothing can beat me down,not even a virus...


  1. I believe 1 day you will overcome this..... Cheers =)

  2. heh~~ cheer ya~~ friend are forever~ as long as u believe in it~~ i hope i can always dere as a bff~ i may not understand everything~ but i wil be dere to listen n share with u~~ XOXO