Friday, August 13, 2010

creating her own universe

After being a fool for quite a long period, done countless of stupid things and dropped a river of tears, she started to understand, this is her life and nobody owes her, she is not suppose to expect others will give her happiness, instead, she need to create happiness by herself. She is the one who able to create her own universe.
Sometimes, life is undeniably harsh. But she truly believes that experiencing is the best way to make herself realize and bear in mind what are the things she should do and what she shouldn't do.

She started to realize, she already try her best and gave everything she could for some one who doesn't seems to appreciate everything she did for him. Instead of appreciating others, she thinks it's time she should appreciate herself. She had done enough...
There's a long long journey awaiting her to explore and do anything she wanted's time to stand on her own feet and face the wonderful world ahead of her. She not live for some one, but she live for herself, creating her own universe, an universe which is full of colours and flowers, birds flying above the sky, ground covers with green grass...doesn't matter anymore if she walks alone.

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