Monday, July 26, 2010

bad monday = (

As usual,monday morning i need to drive back to KL while fetching three of my funny coursemates along,we have to reach UM before 12pm as our class start at 12pm.
While i drove out from my house,omg...i 4gotten to bring my plants with me.I am a plant lover,each place i stay i must put some green plants in my room and also the living room,they make me feel refresh each morning.So,i must drive back to get them.
On the highway,my eyes lid was so heavy that it almost close my eyes,it cant be...because there were 4 lifes in my hand (*include me).i have to keep my eyes open widely.Wonder why today 3 of them seems very tired,slept from malacca toll until Sg Besi toll,because usually they talk a lot,which makes me feel awake during the 2 hours ride.
We reached UM at 11pm something,how punctual we were...Unfortunately,12pm class cancel!!! I just get the news while i was parking my car in the campus.My mood turned to bad then,IF i get the news ealier,i could sleep for another 2 hours,that 2 hours will helps me a lot in recovering my energy after sick.
I get out from car,open the car bonnet to carry out my laptop.Oouuchh!!!Something like nail sort of things from the speaker hurt my hand,leaving a long scar on my hand.I thought it's just a minor scratch,but slowly the blood flow out from the scar.* my pathetic hand....
Today class end at 7pm.Felt great that i can finally go back home to get some rest and take my dinner.But once my car reached SS2,gosh...the phenomena that i hate most in kl appear in front of my car - Traffic JAM!!! It took me almost 1 and a half hour to reach home,while usually only 15 minutes.
My appetite totally been ruined,so today's dinner was duck mee instant noodle,just to fill up my stomach.Then complete SOME of the tutorial questions,dramas is waiting for me next.
Hope tomorrow will be a good day for bad day passed...cheer up!!!

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