Friday, July 9, 2010

thanks God

I am a special one who born in an incomplete and complicated family.I never blame the fate for putting me in this kinda environment,because i understand that there's meaning behind every obstacle we went through,and there's something we will learn from those obstacles.I am very please that i met some family members that really meant so much to me.Our bond grows stronger each time the wave approach us.Thanks the environment for building up my motivation, and cause me to think maturely and wisely.
I accept what God gives me,taste the bitter and appreciate the sweet things.Each person who hurt me once taught me a good lesson.I started to learn how to survive in this mean world,started to trust no one but myself. "We can't wholely blame those who hurt us,as we have to be responsible too;if we not really bother about what others say or how they react,we won't feel hurt;if we never expose ourself to dangerous situation,we won't get any wounds on our body."
The emotional might be swing frequently by living in this environment,I am on the half way learning how to deal with it,I am glad that each time the result is getting better to cope with my emotions.

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