Sunday, May 23, 2010

a story about her.......(part1)

A girl,after all this while she kept everything to herself without telling anyone,because she is a girl who not used to express her feelings or problems in front of others.But things that she doesn't wish to occur,just occured again and again.She told me that if she doesn't throw out everything she keep inside her pumping bloody heart,her heart will explode sooner or later.Therefore,she decided to tell me everything about her and her man.
She is a girl who taught to be tough and independent since childhood,which is why she try to settle everything by herself.After they started to be together,he ask her to try to learn to rely on him and stick with him much more often as he said that that's what a couple do,sharing every problem and stick together.
Things going so well until one day he decided to build his career oversea,go to a place he wanted to travel to.She didn't stop him from going abroad even though she knows she will be a bit lost without him,but instead,she support him in every decision he made.Because she believe that one shouldn't stop other from achieving their goals or dreams unless it is illegal,as she also has her own ambition that she wish to achieve in the future.He promised her,no matter how hard it is,they able to go through this obstacle together,he promised her,he will put much efforts in keeping in touch with her.She trusts him so much,she never knew a promise can be easily forgotten and can be easily break.
.........................................*to be continue

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  1. a best friend also is the one who you can rely on~~
    so dun worry, u still have us:)