Sunday, May 16, 2010

"love knows no borders"

I had read this article entitled "love knows no borders" written by Dora Cheok in Readers' Digest.The title really catched my eyes as I flip through the book once I bought it home.I am definitely agree with the statement.A person from north might falling for a person from south of the world,even though they are different in culture,language,skin and outlook,some even ignore the gender issue.Love is just present without anyone can really realize it in the first place where they meet.Love is something that can hardly explain by anyone,it's an attraction that bond between two people.
There are two kinds of people,there are some people who fall in love easily,on the other hand,there are some people who can hardly fall for someone.For me,when two person can fall in love with each other,it is the most wonderful thing ever happen in their life time.There are a huge number of people in this world,it is a gift from God that we able to meet a person we love so much.Some struggling seach for the love one for their entire life.
But rainbow does not appear in the sky all the time,storms and lighting can take place too.The most challenging part of the relationship is how to maintain the passion between two person.A piece of a relationship is missing without passion.Even there are trusts,things in common between lovers,without passion,a relationship started to walk to an end,dullness started to cover up the happiness of two person's relationship.
People,please appreciate the one you love.Don't give up easily,but instead,try your best to make things happen.It's not that it all depends on our fate and God,sometimes,people create their own world,not anybody else.

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