Monday, May 24, 2010

a story about her.....(part2)

She learnt from experience not to give up easily in a relationship.She decided to put in her whole heart and efforts in maintaining the relationship this time,she understand anything can happen unexpectedly,but she believe that if anything bad happen,she wont feel regret as she already try to do her very best for him.
Worrieness started to master her heart and her mind,she seems a bit out of control after he leave,until she received his first call from oversea.She felt so much relieve,and she told herself that she is definitely ready to be in a long distance relationship,she is so much prepared.
He gave her a short call each day,they tried to contact as much as they can.But then his life started to be busy,he called her less and they chat even less.She thought that even if he can't call,she can call him.There she goes,went to buy italk card,wishing she can hear his voice.After she dialled him,the conversation didn't end up so well,she felt so frustating towards his words.He seems not really want to chat with her that time as he was with his friends.From that moment,she call him less because she does not want to make him feel awkward infront of his friends.
This year,she had the most unforgetable valentine's day and anniversary with him.Unfortunately,those days are not the happiest moment,instead,is the most heart-breaking moment for her.She can't even manage to connect with him during valentines,she can do nothing but just make sure her computer is on beside her bed while she take a little nap.She's been waiting until 6am in the morning,although that special occassion was count as past,but she was waiting.Same thing goes to anniversary,but at least she manage to wish him happy anniversary through the phone.He apologized to her,but he does not realise that deep down in her heart,is bleeding.
Slowly,she became an annoying and irritating person,she started to blame him for not spending much time with her.He hope her can understand that he was busy with his works and projects.But she started to lose understanding and patient.

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