Friday, April 30, 2010

WareHouse sale!!!

i hate KL,hate traffic congestion,hate the expenses,the air and noises...the only thing i like here is there's warehouse sale from time to few weeks i just spend around 200 bucks on it.kinda worth though as i manage to get 1 piece of roxy dress,morgan blouse,roxy top and also billabong's been a while i didnt experience so much satisfaction,but now.....I AM....hahaha...special "thanks" to my two coursemates who planned and brought me there,such a "great" friends to encourage me to spend.however,they also cant stand the lust the buy the cheap clothes there,haha...good one...they deserve it.(sorry girls :-p )
i was so surprise that the same particular warehouse sale comes to malacca too...i was shocked after told by my i never heard have this kind of activities in malacca.definitely,i cant miss it.but this time,i promised to myself that i wont spend on any clothes anymore,so my role is just be a companion for a shopper,my sister.i felt glad that the clothes there are those same with what i saw in KL warehouse sale last time....*pheewww...what a relieve.this is such a great opportunity to malaccan citizens,because this is the only time where they can buy branded and quality clothes with cheap prices.

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