Saturday, July 18, 2009

A "meSSy" semester...

This is my third semester of taking my degree in Biz Admin, which mean im stepping in my second year, and it is not a Good news though. This brand new semester is a total mess for me. 7 subjects and 7 tutorials to attend, 7 papers to take during examination, soon, there will be also bunch of assignment coming up....gosh...could you imagine that. I hope I wont get fainted till the end of this semester.

There was also even bad news for me, now UM is taking part in what so-called Environment Friendly programme. All of the UM students are prohibited to drive into UM campus except the lecturers, officers and final year students. While the campus provided insufficient and limited of hostel for all the students, how are students staying outside going to attend all the classes and activities ?? The university only will create more and more obstacles and suffer for the students. I found out actions of UM taking in this environment programme is really ridiculous, not becauce it cause inconvenience for us but in UM, they're using loads and loads of politerene and plastic bags in all the canteens, cafeterias and bookstores while they are promoting the environment friendly programme proudly to the whole world...I hope they will do something that are really bring welfare to all of us... And may god bless me especially in this semester.

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