Friday, August 14, 2009

sEm break....whoahooo...

My long waited *MR SEM BREAK finally arrived at my ss2 PJ doorstep, fetching me back to where i came from. Such a GREAT feelings huh....after being tortured by groups of MR & MRS Assignment. But stil THEY will follow me back home and only provide me some private time to pamper myself, how mean...
I have a long list of "to-do list" that i wishes to do during this 1 week of time, hope THEY would be generous enough to give me some EXTRA times. I wanna practice my baking skills, organize a BBQ as required by my little cousin, watch the complete episodes of hong kong drama, accompany my lovely ah gal (since she always home alone)...........tonnes of things to do (what a heaven )
On the other hand, there is are bunch of assignment to be done ( this is helllll )!!

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