Monday, July 6, 2009

New Blogger

6July2009, i became a blogger.i used to be read my friends' blog all the time to get to know their latest stories but never think of create my own blog before i realize the good side of blogging. Besides, i think i might be lazy to update my blog after some times. Today, i read one of my friend's blog and realize that he has a good command of writing in english -as i always wanted to. That's why i made my mind to create my own blog and become a 'journalist',haha...and the other best part is that i can improve my typing skill, im a lousy freak in typing. My heart is burning with excitement now, and i hope this flame will never easily faded away...


  1. ou great...this wonderful girl actually skip her lecture for one week n eventually hv the time to open a blog then....this sem is tough, girl....lots of assignment waiting for you to improve ur writing worry about that....haha

  2. what la...i was shocked too this semester started like a total mess...kinda afraid now