Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i need excitements and achievements

Every Monday to Saturday, my pinkish cellphone has a duty to play the Canon in D sharp 7am,which is a classical music played by Johann Pachelbel. However, 7am is not the time for me to wake up and get out from my bed. My wake up time is on 7.30am. During that half an hour, I am in half awake and half asleep condition, forgive me, I just wish I could stick to my bed even just for few more seconds...Wake up, get prepare then go downstairs...There he is, waving his tail and greeting me. How nice if he could speak and say "good morning" to me every morning. Don't you think it would be great if your dearest could greets you once you wake up in the morning? Just a simple greeting will make your day...=) 
Come home at 6pm which indicates that it's time to work as nanny, bring Girl and Hiro out for a walk, sometimes shower for them. Then dinner, movies and.....sleep.
Yea...that's my routine daily life after started my internship, no excitement but boredom. Kinda scary whenever i think of living a life like this until my retirement. Life is too short, I need excitements and achievements to spice up my life.
Used to think of stay at home after graduated, but somehow I changed my mind. The reasons? Could be due to privacy, career or some personal problems. Sorry mom, I am way too young to just hang in here...It's time to sail and stand on my own feet, try to explore as much things as possible. Anyhow, one thing for sure, I am a home person. =)

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