Sunday, March 6, 2011


People comes, people goes.
They become part of your life without even realizing it until you feel you're in the state of unwillingness and sadness they cause you when they are leaving out of your life.
Too bad, that's the way of life, you must know how to deal with it, no exception.
It's been so long I didn't drop my tears, but tears were rolling down from my cheek when you said you probably leaving.
Dropping tears is a sign of weakness, especially in front of family and friends.
I am just way too weak in dealing with separation because fear is hunting me, this could be affected by experiences.
I started choose to not being too close with anyone because it hurts so much when your dearest telling you he/she is going to leave you.
Nobody can ask someone to stay just because he/she can't handle separation, it is such a selfish and childish action.
Everyone stand a right in chasing their own star, sailing in their own direction and choose their own road.
Even though it might be hard for me, but I will definitely support my close ones to leave me for their own good. They deserve something better than this, no doubt.
That is how I care and love my close ones. Doesn't matter if in the end left myself alone, because somehow I know I need to move forward and live my life to the fullest.

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