Monday, January 24, 2011

17 Again

17 AGAIN...How i wish i could be just like the character in the movie. But what i really meant was turn back to the time when i was seventeen. The reason lies within the thought is not due to feeling of regrets. That is the year where i really had a good time in my life so far.
When i was seventeen, life was simple...I wasn't the excellent student, but i am sure i was still in the good student category in teachers eyes. Haha... Trust me, i am not fooling anyone. Joined scouting very actively where i managed to know a bunch of friends who share the same interest with me. Went camping together, slept under the night sky on a piece of mat while watching at the shining stars above, we marched forward proudly, we sang, we laughed and we fall together. This is where i learned to be even more independent and discipline, while learned some useful skills in survival. Most importantly i managed to learned more about leadership of being a president, which will be very useful in the future.
When i was seventeen, on the day i get my SPM result the very first person i called was grandpa, who used to very concern of me. I wanted to make him feel proud of having a good grand daughter. That was the year where i received calls from grandpa quite frequently especially during sunday morning as he always wants to have a dimsum breakfast with us. I love to see his smile whenever reached grandpa house and called him "Gong Gong", which is one of the way of being respect whenever we saw grandparents and also uncles and unties.
When i was seventeen, i admit i was still being too innocent in love life, no doubt of saying so...haha...
When i was seventeen, i made mistakes, and i learned from each of them. When i was seventeen, i made my parents proud, even though might causes them worries once a while. I had good times and also bad times, sweet memories and also bitter ones. But i never regret of everything i done when i was seventeen as this is how i grown up and transformed my mind sad to be more mature.

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