Tuesday, January 11, 2011

figuring myself out

When we're getting older,the simpler life we're demanding.
Used to dream a lot and have our guts to do anything just to fulfill our desires.
Somehow when our age grows,we started losing our braveness and the guts we used to hold.
Sometimes we tend to stay unclear to certain matters in order make ourselves feel alright, because we hate to hear something which are undesirable to us.
I am putting half of my feet into the world of labor force, after 4 months more, I will part of the labor force.
It is time for me to figure my talents and my abilities, although I should figure it out early before this.
Unfortunately, until now I still can't even figure out what are the talents stay within me.
As I am sure everyone has something that he/she really good at, which this talent and ability on hand, put it and use at the right place, the person will definitely shine brightly and will able to climb the cliff faster than anybody else.

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