Friday, December 10, 2010

my mistake

There was an incident happened lately that made me feel bad till now although that particular incident was not happen on me, but someone else who are close to me. I started to wonder whether I should be blamed,I could be the one who able to stop that undesirable incident.
Been trying to tell myself that incident won't ruin our relationship, as I never want something bad happen on them and I never even think about that. Unfortunately, it did, it really ruined our relationship. I can felt your awkwardness and uneasiness whenever I appeared in front of you and approached you even though I know you have no intention to do so, and I understand the feelings you're having now.
So here I am, decided to stay away from you, I mean as in temporary only, hoping that during this period you have time to manage your difficulties and feelings, live your life without feeling awkward and uneasy. Hopefully we able to hang out again in the future as what we used to do before this. Sincerely pray for you...

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