Thursday, October 21, 2010

never live to hate

It was clear that he already walk out from her life
Without looking back at her, he walked thousands miles ahead of her
While she still stand on the same place
Picking up million pieces of the broken heart that fell all over the place, and trying to stick it back as a whole
She reluctant to move any further as she worry he will find her nowhere if he turn back and look for her
Even if she manage to fix every pieces of the broken heart, she know that the once broken heart will be much more easily to be break down if she get hurt
She truly fear that day will come again
She was glad that one of her dearest manage to drag her out from the madness
From that person, she now can really understand what's in a guy's mind of our age.
What they're wanted is a kind of freedom, and sadly, not a commitment
She decided to sail, without any regrets and burdens
She wanted to sail side by side with that person, although they're heading to different destination
At least they can save each other when big waves approaches
Life is actually not that bad though...
People should be live to concern each other, support each other, provide them warms whenever they're get cold
One should never live to hate, as the person who hate and the person been hated get hurt at the same time, it's lose-lose situation, and life will be harsh...


  1. Hi girl. I believe you deserved the better one. I truly understand your feelings, well in life sometimes shit happens. Commitment doesnt exist in a guy who has an immatured mind. lets time see how it goes and when you look back, perhaps it will be with a big smile :) you dont know who am i here to leave this comment to you but you will be surprised if you know it is me here to write such things for you, always believe, sometimes good thing fall apart so better things can fall together. good luck :)

  2. i was really surprised to read ur comment which are so encouraging for me.i might knw u,n i might don't,however,i sincerely wish us all the best in pursuing our dreams.thx...=)