Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Luck Jaz...

I have such a healthy lifestyle in kl. Watching dramas and reading books seems to be my entertainments here which help me to spend through my leisure time. Talking about leisure time, Im actually do not have that much of time to spend for my entertainment, as when it comes to the end of the semester, assignments and projects started to burden me. But, I am still one the average student who start to do her work when the due date is around the corner.
My study of life is going to an end, very soon... Feel nervous and excited at the same time- nervous because I think that I am still not well prepared; excited because I am putting half of my feet to the next stage of life. It's time to join the work force and contribute to my family.
I have tonnes of dreams, which I wish I could achieve. As what I'd heard, everything starts from a dream. Doesn't matter if I walk alone through all the stages of life, because I know that I still have my family who will give me a full support in doing anything. Definitely it would be great if have someone who has in common with me to walk with me through the life. But, not now...
I had a lil' achievement few days back, and it was great that I received lots of compliments from others. But somehow, deep down in my heart...
I am trying so hard just to prove that even if I do not have the opportunity to study abroad like others, I am still able to reach a destination just like them, or even better destination. I appreciate everything I have now, I truly believe success is strongly depends on our own efforts. My family has supported me enough, and it's time for me to stand on my own feet. Love my family so much...(* including gal and hiro)


  1. we have plane today because Wright brothers dreamed to is always beautiful with dreams, let's make our dreams realized=)

  2. yea avex...lets pursue our dreams together...=)