Friday, September 3, 2010

Stronger than yesterday...

You told me that you do not want to connect with me just because your life is sucks...I was wondering,what kind of reason is that?I thought people will turn to someone who they really trust or someone who can rely on,i mean someone who is special when they were trapped in a real big trouble,or even during normal daily life.

If you trully care for someone,would you put 100% of efforts to get his/her latest news?Would try your very best to reach him/her?My answer is YES for both of the questions.All of a sudden,you just walk away without informing me.I can't give any comment about the way you do things,because i can't expect the way you settle matters same as mine.But for me,this is call irresponsible,and i hate it.
"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,it's alright because i like the way it burn.Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,it's alright because.....," a song sang by Rihanna,really touched me.Each time this kinda matter approach me,my brain will just keep recalling that sentence,"it's's alright...i can take it..." Never thought that the lyric in the song related to me.You were just stand over there and watch me collapsed,watch me cry...without doing anything.
But im gonna thank you,for everything...Day by day,im stronger than yesterday.

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