Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry and Thanks...

It's been almost months of time after the "tragedy", kinda adapt to the life I have now although I am not really like it.
I am sorry to some friends who I do not connect with as I am sick and tired of giving fake smiles and laughs. Do give me sometimes... I am sorry.
I realized that, I am nobody to someone, but I am somebody to others. Honestly, I thought I might be happy, but this is not the result I get.
I was thinking to go far away from here to an isolated island for my internship, not only because I am a beach-lover but also I hope can runaway from those memories that I do not want to recall.
Those unwanted memories been keep on increasing since secondary, not only about relationship but also family.
Right now, I only can let the God to choose the path for me, either He wants me to stay here to face all those unwanted memories or let me a have peace of mind on the island. I am willing to accept either one of them, as each decision made by God, there's a reason underneath it.
There's another thing I found out is that, strong woman tend to end up alone, the truth is sometimes they are not as strong as you think, there are some hidden reasons why they behave very tough.
Special thanks to ting, jo, cathy and other friends who treat me sincerely...Thanks to you all so much...

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  1. love the way you are^^
    n sorry n thx to u oso~~ XOXO