Friday, April 30, 2010

Craving for mOvi3sss...

i had once addicted to watch movies when someone were here as i always have him as my companion.but now i need to make sure im off from this addiction because it wil only leads me to tiredness to search for a partner to watch movies with me.sometimes i have this odd idea in my mind..."maybe i can go to watch movies by myself,yeah right...just me,alone....".but when i think of people will give me those weird glare at me,i will just say,"lets just forget it..."
there it goes...i had come out with this wonderful idea for myself.the next time when i crave for movies,i will just buy the dvds,play it at home,lying on the coach and with a cup of beer or wine plus my favourite snacks.definitely there will be a companion with me at home,my lil' princess doggy...isn't it great?!
gosh...there will be lots of great movies on screen in May!!!gonna save some pocket money to buy the movies.*cant miss IP Man2,such a great action movie.

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