Sunday, December 13, 2009

He is the Backbone of the family

My heart sank each time i came back from visiting my grandpa and grandma.He become skinnier each time i saw him,i can say that there are not much fat in his body anymore.i can see his bone clearly under his skin.He used to be talk a lot to us as he was so delighted when he saw us,but now i can hardly hear he talk,maybe for him as a patient it takes away lots of energy from his body to talk,but deep down inside his heart i am sure he felt so happy when he saw each of us,it just that he don't what to say it out loud.He want us to treat him as usual,i know,i know that...
It's not that i don't want to sit closer to you ,holding your hands and talk to you,but i don't have the guts to do so because i am afraid my tears drop in front of you,i am sorry...i just hoping that i can show you the positive side of me.i want to be tough and courageous in front of you as i am hoping i can influence you to be optimistic and enjoy each day.
I know you've been crying each day as you are so much reluctant to leave us one day.I am praying for the Lord above each day,hoping He can reduce your pain and allow you to stay longer and longer...
I was wondering why some *SHIT people proud to be a drug addict,mat rempit and even commit suicide while other fighting so much to stay alive and stay healthy...If you are SOOO not appreciate your life and your body,you can donate all your body parts to some people who need it so urgently instead become the *RUBBISH in our society.


  1. Why are u so angry about this topic=.="
    Tats just other ppl need to care so much~Tis will kill urself, hahaha

  2. walau...of coz it's my business lo,HE is my grandpa.wat kind of son r u huh,singaporean...haiz...