Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am stuck in a life where I feel like I am wasting my time instead of learning more useful skills and knowledge ~ Internship, or so-called Industrial Training.
Why do I said so?
First of all, for some employers, what is playing in their mind is we as the trainees wouldn't choose to stay in their company after completing our internship program, which leads limitations of skills and knowledge teaching as the employers think that it is only a waste of time for them. Some even keep the knowledge as to prevent trainees apply it to useful places at other companies.
Secondly, this is usually what most of the trainees complain about, the allowances that we gonna receive during the period of training. Just because government never come out with the rule by setting the lowest allowance a company should pay for the students, some companies only provide rm100 each month for the trainees. The worst part is, some government agencies do not even provide 1 cent of allowance for the students. So pathetic...
For me, the main reason why I kinda getting bored with intern life is because not much of challenging tasks been given by superior as this is what I am actually looking forward during my 5 months internship program. 
However, I truly know that opportunity is not given by others, but we are the one should grab the opportunity by ourselves. I am trying to grab as much knowledge and information as possible, and do the best out of me even just a small tiny task, because I do believe that every piece of information and knowledge has its usefulness in surviving in the working world.

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